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It was a college project from two years ago, built on a Java API that wasn't supposed to be used on games. Suffice to say it was pretty awful to run, even if there wasn't more than 5 or 6 sprites onscreen.

Last month I remade it on Pygame and it was a hell of an improvement, but a couple of points carried over from the original game:

  • Hitboxes are unfair: it's a box surrounding the doggo, so you can still be hit in the empty space below the head.
  • Hi-score is lost when you close it, so if you want to flaunt it to someone else, keep the game open.

Very special thanks to Eládia and Anderson.

Install instructions

1. Have Python installed.

2. Download the Pygame package by entering

pip pygame

3. Unzip the game anywhere.

4. Go to the game folder and enter

python lsd.py


Lazor Show Doggo.7z 7 kB

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