A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Another college project released as a game, this time a Sokoban.

This game was made in Haskell for a Programming Paradigms project, with OpenGL for graphics.


  • Arrow keys: Move
  • Spacebar: Rewind one move (decrements from the move count free of charge)
  • WASD: Rotate camera around player
  • Animation speed
    • +: Increase 10%
    • -: Decrease 10%
    • *: Back to default
    • Can be frozen in place and reversed if decreased enough

skbHEAD features a text-to-level interpreter, which means that you can write a board in your text editor and instantly run it in the game by a console command.

  • There are two formats supported:
    • The one I came up with for the project (documented in the readme and exemplified in the "Starter Pack" levels included), that must be saved in .skb files
    • A more commonplace one used in sites like sokoban.org, that must be saved in .skbx files
  • For anymore info you might need, read the readme, or enter "help" on the command window.

A bit of a warning, though: As there is no menu, new levels are opened and move counts are checked from the command window, so always keep it as visible as the game window.

Known issues:

  • The Linux build does not stop evaluating the board after the first empty line, so it never prints out board info. It's nothing game breaking, but it might as well need a change in how the interpreter works across all builds.

Very special thanks to Eládia and Fernando.

Install instructions

On Windows, simply extract the game directory and run "skbHEAD.exe".

On Linux, extract the game directory, go to its location from a terminal and enter:


Some helpful advice:

  • Keep "IntroText" and "readme.txt" where they are, or the game will get mad at you.
  • You can see existing and add new boards to the Boards directory. It's the only place from where the game can open boards.
  • I repeat: keep the command window visible. It is your menu.


skbHEAD_1.0.1_win.zip 3 MB
skbHEAD_1.0.1_linux.zip 1 MB
readme_1.0.1.txt 1 kB

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