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It should go without saying, I've already started making some changes and additions to skbHEAD. Nothing big just yet, as it's been only a day, but it was needed. I haven't had any kind of feedback just yet, and I have little to no contact with people that play Sokoban seriously, so I don't have much idea of what to focus on.

  • First and foremost, my biggest gripe with it (that I have no idea why I left it there) was that you weren't able to rewind after the finishing move, leaving only loading a new level from the start to play again. Moving is still locked when you get the win condition, but you're free to move again after the first rewind, in case you do want to shave some moves out of your count.
  • Another thing that was bugging me was the box's position. After finally taking a look at the board from the top, I could see they weren't centered in the tile. This was quickly fixed.
  • A thing that someone at some point in time would mostly likely ask for were camera controls. Well, I got them covered. As of the next update, the camera will controlled with the WASD keys.
  • And depending on the angle you choose to play with, you might be able to see a little trick that was obviously needed to gain performance, especially on ridiculously huge boards: the tiles that the player wouldn't normally see at the default angle just aren't rendered. Sure, if that's not your thing, I'll be sure to add some commands to set the vertical and horizontal distances, so you can see your whole monster of a board, or challenge your memory with a 3x3 field of view. (Some zoom would be great too)

I intend to get all this done by tomorrow, and get it out the door by the end of the day.

My current plan, however, is to find a way to allow players to create custom looks for tiles. If possible, with an interpreter, too.

My vacations will begin soon, so I'll probably be thousands of miles away from where I can compile the Linux build.

Tune in next undisclosed future point in time! Same skbTIME, same skbCHANNEL!

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